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Visit Sono-Tek at the 4th Annual PV Expo in Tokyo, Japan March 2

Sono-Tek will be attending the 4th annual PV Expo in Tokyo, Japan March 2. Chris Cichetti, Senior Applications Engineer, plans to deliver a presentation on the benefits of ultrasonic nozzle technology for depositing carbon black inks onto fuel cell membranes. Sono-Tek will also be exhibiting ultrasonic equipment used for coating active layers, TCO, and PEDOT chemistries onto CIS, CIGS, and CDTe thin film solar cells at PV System Expo, a concurrent exhibiton at the same venue, in conjunction with Altech Co. Ltd, in Booth E28-11.

‎900 PV specialized exhibitors are to gather at Tokyo March 2011 to demonstrate the cutting-edge technologies of the industry. Not only China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, but also Germany, France, USA… participants gather from over 60 countries and regions.