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What is the stock symbol for Sono-Tek Corporation?

Sono-Tek Corporation is traded on the Nasdaq exchange and is listed under the symbol “SOTK”.

Can I purchase stock directly from Sono-Tek Corporation?

Stock cannot be directly purchased from Sono-Tek Corporation.

What is Sono-Tek Corporation’s fiscal year?

March 1 to February 28.

What are the earnings release dates?

  • First Quarter ending May 31: Early to mid-July
  • Second Quarter ending August 30: Early to mid-October
  • Third Quarter ending November 30: Early to mid-January
  • Fourth Quarter ending February 28: Early to late-May

When is the annual meeting of shareholders?

Sono-Tek Corporation holds its Annual Shareholders meeting in August of each year.

Who is Sono-Tek Corporation’s Transfer Agent?

American Stock Transfer Company
6201 15th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11219

How can I get a copy of the Annual Report? Investor’s Kit?

All publicly available documents can be found on our website ( under About Us > Investors.

Available documents include:

  • Annual Report
  • Proxy statement
  • Form 10K
  • Form 10Q

How do I contact Investor Relations?

Please direct your Investor relations questions by using our General Inquiry form on our website, or e-mail us at

Where can I find more information about the company?

News releases, Calendar of events, filings with the SEC and other information can be found on our website

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Investor Contact

Sono-Tek Announces Year-End FY 2024 Earnings Conference Call

May 20, 2024

Conference Call on Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 9:30 am ET MILTON, N.Y., May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sono-Tek Corporation (NASDAQ: SOTK), the leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic…

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