Process Knowledge

Equipment + Knowledge + Support = Success

Full Solutions means everything you need to create the coatings you require is provided, including process knowledge. Providing coating equipment to a diverse range of industries requires knowledge of how that equipment will be used in order to ensure success for every application. We’ve performed thousands of tests in our Milton, NY and our other worldwide labs. The expertise we’ve gained in knowing how different chemistries behave under different process conditions is a direct benefit to our customers. When application information is proprietary, non-disclosure agreements are commonly prepared as needed, protecting our customers’ knowledge.

Sono-Tek’s team of sales and application engineers works closely with customers to specify the correct equipment from the very beginning, with the option of in-house laboratory testing to leverage our process knowledge to optimize your coating process. Our five full-time Application Engineers and support staff are dedicated to ensuring the correct specification of each machine and the success of our customers. Many systems offer customized configurations to tailor machines to unique process needs. This unparalleled level of support prior to installation means that we are fully confident that every Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating system will perform as needed when installed.

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