Electrochromic Coating Systems


Ultrasonic spray equipment for electrochromic coating deposition

Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray systems are used for depositing the various layers of the electrochromic device including transition metal oxides (including Tungsten oxide, Niobium oxide and other oxides), PMMA, nanocrystals, TCO layer, and other chemistries for glass manufacturing and R&D. The advancement of chemical formulations in this and other functional glass applications has spurred research and development of new processes using ultrasonic spray equipment as an alternative to costly and complicated deposition techniques. As the market for energy efficient glass evolves with new research and new materials, Sono-Tek is proud to assist manufacturers in the development of new coating processes. When it is time to scale up to production volume, Sono-Tek also offers systems designed to coat any width continuous electrochromic coatings onto glass ribbons.

Ultrasonic nozzle particle deagglomerationUltrasonic spray nozzles do not use pressure to atomize liquids, making it possible to spray nanolayers of electrochromic coating material uniformly onto glass or other substrates without overspray or dripping. Proprietary materials ensure long life of the nozzles with repeatable, non-clogging performance.

See what leading research institution Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is working on using our ultrasonic spray equipment. Read a recent press release or visit LBNL’s website for a more in depth discussion of their breakthrough research with novel materials including nanocrystals in manufacturing electrochromic glass. Sono-Tek is excited to be a part of this and other important research projects.

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