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In early 2017, we began to offer in-house ultrasonic coating services for customers in our Milton, NY laboratory. Sono-Tek’s in-house coating services generally fall under one of the following two categories, Engineered Coating Services and Contract Coatings.

Engineered Coating Services

These services focus on customer coating process development. Our experienced team of applications engineers and support staff have over 50 years of coating expertise in many different industries. They work closely with customers to develop a coating process that meets their unique challenges. We will plan, test, evaluate and develop a coating process that is right for you.

Examples of services:

  • Testing proof of concept
  • Improving current coating processes
  • Testing new materials
  • Developing faster coating times or more efficient coating methods

Engineered Coating Services are the Perfect Solution for:

  1. Potential customers who want to prove in their application prior to buying Sono-Tek coating equipment
  2. Current customers who already have Sono-Tek equipment and would like help further developing a process but do not have the time or resources to do so themselves

Contract Coatings

For customers who already have an established coating process and need products coated, these services can fill production needs. Whether for pilot scale coatings, product testing, order fulfillment, or other coating needs, we can help you fulfill your short term coating needs quickly and efficiently, with repeatable, high quality uniform thin film coatings.

Examples of services:

  • Helping to quickly bring new products to market
  • Testing batches of product
  • Pilot scale runs
  • Production simulations

Contract Coating is Ideal for:

  1. Current Sono-Tek customers who need help with large product runs
  2. Non-Sono-Tek customers who need products coated but are not ready to purchase a coating system

Some of the equipment available to perform in-house coatings include:

  • SEM microscope + optical microscope
  • Substrate cleaning/surface treatment systems
  • Curing ovens (up to 600 degrees Celsius) + UV curing
  • Conveyorized enclosures
  • XYZ motion programmable coating systems with optional:
    1. Heat and/or vacuum plate
    2. Precision positioning tools
    3. Photosensitive lighting
    4. Substrate fixturing
    5. Ultrastatic ESC
    6. N2 or inert atmosphere

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Sono-Tek’s team of application engineers provide direct customer support throughout every step of the process.
Process KnowledgeDiscuss and Spec In Coating Equipment

  • 40 years of combined coating knowledge and expertise
  • Thousands of coating trials
  • Hundreds of chemistries tested
  • 6 dedicated full time applications engineering team members

Lab TestingProve Concept

  • In-house full testing laboratory with full array of available equipment, including SEM, precision measuring equipment, photosensitive lighting, protective fume hood, curing ovens
  • Testing performed with or without customer present
  • Initial proof of concept using customer materials and substrates whenever possible
Coating ServicesProduce Coated Products

  • In-house process development to meet customer’s goals
  • Toll Coating services/small production run of established coating processes
  • Small batch coated samples to fill immediate need while Sono-Tek system is being built to order

System DesignPersonalized Build for Application

  • Use all data and applications knowledge gained from prior steps to design and build the most effective coating solution
  • Thousands of system configurations possible

Installation & Support
Lifetime Process Support

  • Process guidance from application engineering experts for the lifetime of the system
  • Process refinement and troubleshooting issues, with customer site visits available
  • Support for future upgrades or system changes due to process alterations

In addition to the New York lab, Sono-Tek has applications labs located at distributor sites around the world; all of which are staffed with engineers who have experience working with customers on ultrasonic coating solutions.

Our global distribution network includes local language support for many countries. Select an icon on the map for location information.

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