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Sono-Tek was born out of the desire for increased efficiency when in 1975 Dr. Harvey L. Berger founded the Company to create a more efficient fuel burner during the U.S. energy crisis. Dr. Berger saw the need for increased efficiency in home heating and wanted to help by creating a new way to conserve oil through a more efficient spray process. Soon after, his invention of the ultrasonic nozzle saw clear benefits in blood collection tube coating and printed circuit board fluxing applications. As ultrasonic coating technology advanced, Sono-Tek has leveraged our engineering and process knowledge to develop full turn key coating systems for printed circuit board fluxing, alternative energy markets, medical device manufacturing, photoresist deposition, coatings onto glass, and a wide range of other industrial coating needs. In addition, a full line of tabletop and standalone programmable multi-axis coating systems were developed starting in 2002.

We are an ISO Certified company, obtaining our first ISO Certification in August 1998. Our current certification is ISO 9001: 2015. Click here to view our official ISO certificate.

Today, Sono-Tek has a worldwide presence with seven applications labs and over 50 factory-trained distributors in addition to our design and manufacturing headquarters in Milton, NY. Sono-Tek provides install, service, and applications support of our full range of precision ultrasonic systems for a myriad of industries.

It is common for us to hear about Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles still in use today that were purchased 20 years ago. Our nozzles are made with the highest precision and quality possible, using the same original, proven engineering principles developed by Dr. Berger.


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