Customer Reviews

The following is a sampling of customer feedback gathered over a period of years. We humbly appreciate these comments and continually strive to surpass customer expectations with each order.

Multi-Axis Motion Systems/Energy


“Great technical support.”
Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells – UK


“The support with the set up was better than any supplier I have purchased from.”
Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY USA


“Sono-Tek is a supplier of an advanced coating system which can be modified according to customers requirements. The staff has a very professional way of handling sales, contracts, installation and following up.”
SINTEF – Oslo Norway


“Sono-Tek leads the way in coatings technologies. Their machines are simple yet effective and can coat better than most traditional systems I’ve seen. This is why I have gone back to them twice since buying my first system.”
UTC Power – South Windsor, CT USA


“The purchase of the SonoTek ExactaCoat and AccuMist Ultrasonic Nozzle has had a very important impact on membrane electrode assembly (MEA) fabrication procedures at PaxiTech. The ExactaCoat and AccuMist Ultrasonic Nozzle allowed us to increase our production capacity considerably and will also assist us in our technical preparation for a completely industrial automated MEA fabrication process… The change to SonoTek has improved MEA fabrication efficiency, productivity, precision and reliability without any loss in fuel cell performances.”
PaxiTech SAS – Grenoble, France


“Easy company to work with, quality product.”
ERA – Arvada, CO USA


“Sono-Tek has superb customer service and is thoroughly upfront and honest.”
Tyco Electronics – USA


“(The ExactaCoat system) has significantly reduced the time that I was spending on making PEM fuel cell electrodes using air brush… In addition, I found Sono-Tek to have great service and support, they really work closely with you before and after you get the equipment.”
University of South Carolina – SC, USA


“After technical discussion and proposals, it was apparent Sono-Tek had the options and technical knowledge to help us select the correct FlexiCoat configuration we needed. As we are required to work with a variety of thin film coating technologies from nano-particle suspensions and electrochromic polymer coatings, we needed the most flexible system we could get.”
University of Wollongong – AU


R&D/Science and Engineering


“Our experience in working with Sono-Tek personnel starting from sales manager, technical person, to installation engineer was very good. They understood our need and did preliminary testing for us and responded well during the whole procurement process. I would recommend them highly! .”
Argonne National Laboratory – IL USA


Stent Coating


“Good people to work with. Very easy to use and works really well.”
Specialized Vascular Tech – CA USA


Ultrasonic Nozzle Systems


“Very precise mist control and delivery.”
MIV Technologies Inc. – Vancouver, BC Canada

Spray Fluxing


“Your fluxer is great. It has exceeded all expectations. ”
Bose – New England

“Great equipment — good people!”
ACC Electronix Inc. – Normal, IL USA

“This change to Sono-Flux EZ made us more efficient, productive, competitive and quality raised without raising the prices, in general this was a big WIN for Viconics in terms of building high quality products quickly at a competitive price. I always heard that spray fluxing was the way to go, in 2006 when I decided to go with a spray fluxing system I got very disappointed, it was my first experience with a spraying system. Thank god for having experts that build things to work and to last, I had great support from Sono-Tek so far and I have no doubt that this will last. Congratulations to the Sono-Tek team for building what customer wants (Good, reliable, repeatable equipment at a very affordable price), plus they made me appreciate my line of work again !!”
Viconics Electronics Inc. – Quebec, Canada


“Since implementing the Sono-Tek EZ Flux system in our Electrovert Econopak we have seen a dramatic decrease in solder defects after the wave solder operation. The additional benefit of controlling the precise amount of flux with the EZ Flux system has lead to little no-clean residue and drastically reduced the flux consumption from 30 gallons a month to a mere 5 gallons. Maintenance has been reduced from 35 minutes a day to 40 minutes a week further reducing the cost of operation. The system has proven to be easy to setup and use for our operators. Low cost of ownership, small footprint and quick payback make it a great system for today’s high mix low volume environments such as ours. Maybe the most important factor of all is the equipments ability to aid us in our mission of “Continuous Improvement” and increasing the quality that we can offer our customers.”
Altek – Torrington, CT USA


“The reliability of this equipment is excellent”.

“Buy an XL….. You will find yourself finding all your other systems from the other manufacturer substandard.”
TAC, LLC. – Loves Park, IL USA

“Very professional. A pleasure to deal with Sono-Tek”

“Easy set-up and operation.”
Gentex – Michigan, USA


Solder Recovery


“Our EVS-7000 is the best piece of equipment we’ve ever used to remove solder from dross. It has reduced the labor required to clean our solder pot and made the operation much safer and cleaner. The ease of operation is the frosting on the cake. I would recommend the EVS and Sono-Tek to anyone.”
Technical Service, Inc. – Oak Harbor, Washington USA


“The Sono-Tek EVS solder recovery system has been in use for 400 working days. The EVS has worked flawlessly. It is easy to use and maintain. The de-drossing time has been reduced by over 80%. The EVS is much safer and easier to use than the manual method of de-drossing. The EVS system has reduced solder usage by 32% over the past 400 days.”
ONCORE, San Marcos – CA USA


“This is a great product. Since the day we started using it we have reclaimed over 70% solder from our dross and returned it back into the process.”
Sauer Danfoss – MN USA


“We are very pleased with the 66% recovery rate of solder that the EVS-6000 is providing.
I look forward to purchasing additional units.”
Calsonic Kansei N.A. Inc – Lewisburg, TN USA