Photoresist & Polyimide Films Coating Systems for Photolithography

Polyimide & Photoresist Coating

Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray coating systems are proven for various applications in which uniform, repeatable coatings of photoresist or polyimide films are required. With control of thickness from submicron to above 100 microns and able to coat any shape or size, Sono-Tek’s coating systems are a viable alternative to other coating techniques like spin and traditional spray.

Common applications for polyimide and photoresist coatings include but are not limited to MEMS, lenses, microfluidic devices, microelectronics, and filters.  Sono-Tek’s coating systems are able to coat onto both flat and 3D substrates commonly including silicon wafers, glass, ceramic, and metal.

Ultrasonic spray is a simple, economical and repeatable process for photoresist and polyimide coatings. Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems enable fine control of flow rate, coating speed, and deposition amount using simple layering techniques. Low velocity spray shaping defines the atomized spray into precise, controllable patterns, avoiding overspray while producing very thin, uniform layers.

Read a technical article describing photoresist film coverage improvement using ultrasonic spray technology.

The benefits of ultrasonic nozzles in direct spray processes of polyimide and photoresist coatings include:

  • Uniform thin film coverage of various surface profiles.
  • High level of flexibility of chemistry and coating properties.
  • Non-clogging atomized spray.
  • High transfer efficiency for very low waste.
  • Highly repeatable proven spray process.

The heart of all Sono-Tek spray systems is our patented ultrasonic spray nozzle, which uses high frequency sound vibrations to produce a soft mist of mathematically defined droplets. This eliminates clogging, since no pressure is used to produce the spray, and the droplets have a very narrow drop distribution size, further contributing to uniformity of the layer deposited. Read more about how our ultrasonic nozzles work.

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