Coated Microneedle Patches

Microneedle Patches

Ultrasonic spray is an effective method of depositing drug delivery or gene therapy coatings onto microneedle patches or arrays. Precise dosing is achieved by repeatably depositing thin films on the tips of the needles without collection on the base substrate. The gently atomized spray is targeted and controlled to deposit where needed, with or without masking.

Sono-Tek has extensive expertise with applying drug delivery coatings onto implantable stents, balloon catheters, and complex geometries without webbing or excessive material buildup. With the help of MicroMist and AccuMist spray shaping nozzles, median droplet sizes of less than 10 microns with a tight size distribution produce uniform and repeatable spray performance. Coating thicknesses as thin as 100 nanometers with little to no overspray make ultrasonic spray technology well suited for microneedle coatings.

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