Implantable Membranes

Implantable Membranes

Uniform anti-restenosis, polymer or other coatings in the manufacture of implantable membranes

Sono-Tek provides coating machines for implantable filtering membranes used in bypassing fluids from parts of the body or restricting fluid flow. Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating technology is an industry standard for implantable stent coating manufacturers around the world. Our ultrasonic coating systems have been used to spray anti-restenosis drug eluting polymer solutions onto implantable stents for decades. We have expertise in spraying hundreds of different medical grade polymer chemistries, PTFE, polyurethanes and drug eluting chemistries. Conductive coatings for biosensors or electrodes can also be applied with ultrasonic spray. The soft atomized spray adheres well to surfaces and produces very precise, highly uniform ultra thin film coatings. Coatings applied using ultrasonics are much thinner than can be achieved with other coating methods, and are capable of layering very targeted areas with high repeatability. Since ultrasonic nozzles are non-clogging devices, spray quality is not compromised over time due to gradual clogging as seen in pressure nozzle processes.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Spray for Implant Coatings:

  • Highly controllable and repeatable spray.
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic technology.
  • Ability to spray at flow rates in the microliter per hour range.
  • Droplet sizes as small as 9 microns (with organic solvents) with very tight drop distributions.
  • Capable of layering different chemistries.
  • Ultra thin uniform micron layers are ideal for porous membranes and implantable filters.
  • Highly durable coatings will not flake or peel.

In addition, our full in-house coating laboratory enables customers to simulate process testing using their stents to help improve and establish process criteria. Our laboratory technicians and engineers have extensive experience coating different types of membranes.

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