Clear-on-Clear Plastic Laser Welding Liquid Deposition System

Plastic Laser Welding

A full coating solution for clear plastic laser welds using Clearweld coating materials

Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles are used to spray Clearweld 100, 200, and 900 Series coating materials in plastic laser welding applications requiring precision thin deposition. Sono-Tek’s PicoMist nozzle is perfectly suited for spraying fine lines of Clearweld material in repeatable, controllable spray processes. AccuMist air shaping is also used for creating wider lines of thin, uniform Clearweld coatings. Ultrasonic nozzles are incorporated into the ExactaCoat MD programmable XYZ motion system for a fully integrated coating solution.

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Clearweld plastic laser welding solutions

Clearweld features:

  • Clean, clear welds
  • Low viscosity infrared absorbing solutions

For more information regarding Clearweld coatings and material dispensing,

Sono-Tek features:

  • Repeatable, controllable, highly precise ultrasonic coatings
  • Accuracy and control with soft, non-clogging, atomized spray
  • Fine line absorber deposition

Branson features:

  • Laser technology
  • Precise plastic joining
  • High speed and quality

For more information regarding Branson laser equipment for clear on clear plastic laser welding solutions, visit Emerson Industrial.

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