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Sono-Tek Plans to Deliver Presentation at SNEC PV 2011

Steve Harshbarger, VP, Electronics and Advanced Energy, will be attending PV Expo 2011 in Shanghai, China, March 2nd, to deliver a presentation on Ultrasonic Technology Benefits in Thin Film Solar Manufacturing, focusing on the economic advantages offered by ultrasonic spray in creating full sclae pilot lines for CIS, CIGS and CDTe cells. Offering precision coating equipment at a fraction of the coast of CVD and Sputtering deposition methods, ultrasonic nozzles are advantageous for depositing uniform thin films of nanosuspensions and have been proven in thin film solar manufacturing worldwide. Flexible and scalable, ultrasonic equipment such as the ExactaCoat, FlexiCoat, HyperSonic and WideTrack systems are used for R&D process enhancement, low volume, pilot line production, and high volume manufacturing to deposit active layers, PEDOT and TCO chemistries.