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All of our customers need coating solutions. However, every customer’s needs are unique. Many of our customers are developing unique processes and methods that have never been done before. Our Milton, NY in-house ultrasonic coating laboratory* offers customers the ability to test their application, in most cases, using their actual substrates and specific chemistry. Sono-Tek leverages the expertise of our applications engineering team, our in-house coating systems, and precision metrology equipment to coat products.

*In addition to our USA testing facility, satellite laboratories are available through our distribution network for companies located within the countries of Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Turkey.

On-site capabilities:

  • Proof-of-concept research, engineered coating services, and component toll coating
  • Reduce your time to market with our process expertise
  • Basic atomization testing of spray chemistries
  • Analysis of your application is available using the skills of our technicians and engineering team

Our experience is your solution.

We have over three decades of experience coating a wide range of substrates and testing spray-related processes for companies in several industries including medical devices, semiconductors, electronics, energy and textiles. The expertise of our laboratory staff has helped thousands of customers develop processes utilizing our knowledge of how to optimize the performance of our ultrasonic spray systems. Practical testing of theory using actual process parameters and precision tools, operated by our spray technology experts, produces optimum precision and efficiency and results in significant savings for our customers.

Some examples of process developments and improvements that have been achieved using ultrasonic spray technology and prototyping services offered by our Sono-Tek laboratory:

  • Increased throughput and minimized excess overspray while providing uniform coverage over a wide area in a float glass spray application resulting in a 75% reduction in material usage.
  • Achieved precise drop size requirements in spraying of microparticulates in medical applications, such as drug delivery.
  • Developed a highly effective process for spraying of nanoparticle solutions with significantly less agglomeration than conventional methods.
  • Developed a process for applying flame-retardant solutions to fabrics.
  • Optimized thin film coatings from 5μ down to .1μ and increased uniformity from ±10% down to ±2%.
  • Optimized coating morphologies from a grainy (porous) structure to continuous (glossy) smooth films.
  • Reduced consumption of expensive drug/polymer solution being sprayed by 80% – saving the customer $14,000 per month with a 2 month ROI.

Some of the projects that can be performed in our Sono-Tek laboratory include:

  • Improving process and reducing reject rate
  • Testing spray performance using actual parameters
  • Adjusting spray parameters to increase efficiency and improve results
  • Troubleshooting process problems resulting from unsatisfactory spray quality
  • Spray characterization studies with different nozzles under different operating conditions
  • Changing frequency and drop size based on liquid vapor pressure and surface tension

Sono-Tek’s team of application engineers provide direct customer support throughout every step of the process.
Process KnowledgeDiscuss and Spec In Coating Equipment

  • 40 years of combined coating knowledge and expertise
  • Thousands of coating trials
  • Hundreds of chemistries tested
  • 6 dedicated full time applications engineering team members
Lab TestingProve Concept

  • In-house full testing laboratory with full array of available equipment, including SEM, precision measuring equipment, photosensitive lighting, protective fume hood, curing ovens
  • Testing performed with or without customer present
  • Initial proof of concept using customer materials and substrates whenever possible

Coating ServicesProduce Coated Products

  • In-house process development to meet customer’s goals
  • Toll Coating services/small production run of established coating processes
  • Small batch coated samples to fill immediate need while Sono-Tek system is being built to order

System DesignPersonalized Build for Application

  • Use all data and applications knowledge gained from prior steps to design and build the most effective coating solution
  • Thousands of system configurations possible

Installation & Support
Lifetime Process Support

  • Process guidance from application engineering experts for the lifetime of the system
  • Process refinement and troubleshooting issues, with customer site visits available
  • Support for future upgrades or system changes due to process alterations

In addition to the New York lab, Sono-Tek has applications labs located at distributor sites around the world; all of which are staffed with engineers who have experience working with customers on ultrasonic coating solutions.

Our global distribution network includes local language support for many countries. Select an icon on the map for location information.

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