OEM Wave Solder Fluxing Partners

OEM Fluxing Partners

Ultrasonic fluxing equipment for OEM wave solder fluxing partners

For over 20 years Sono-Tek has been supplying our ultrasonic fluxing nozzles to our OEM wave solder fluxing partners.  When purchasing a new wave or selective solder machine current Sono-Tek customers and those new to Sono-Tek, are able to take advantage of our unique ultrasonic technology.  Choosing the ultrasonic spray fluxing option when specifying in a solder machine, adds a higher level of quality, flexibility, control, and reliability to your through hole manufacturing process.

Sono-Tek works with the premier wave and selective solder machine manufacturing companies to engineer our ultrasonic fluxing technology into their spray fluxing platforms.  The result is a fully integrated enhancement that customers are able to use to improve their soldering process.

The Sono-Tek ultrasonic upgrade for OEM wave solder fluxing machines features:

  • Up to 70% reduction in flux consumption and VOC’s when compared to alternative spray fluxing technologies.
  • Compatible with ALL fluxes.
  • Reduced wasteful overspray and atmospheric contamination.
  • Lower maintenance when compared to all other spray fluxers.
  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle will not clog and has no moving parts.
  • Small droplets result in excellent through hole penetration for maximum top-side fill.

The Sono-Tek ultrasonic upgrade for selective solder machines features:

  • Compatible with ALL fluxes without clogging.
  • Increase throughput compared to slow jetting technology.
  • Vastly reduced overspray and satellite flux droplets.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle will not clog and has no moving parts.
  • Excellent through hole penetration for maximum top-side fill.
  • Highly repeatable and accurate spray.
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Industry Partners

The premier Wave Solder and Selective Solder machine manufacturers of the world offer Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer Technology.  Contact these Sono-Tek partners to purchase your next new machine with integrated ultrasonic fluxing capability.

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