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The Proof is in the PEM!

Visit Sono-Tek at the 2011 Fuel Cell Seminar and Exposition, October 31st  – Nov 3 in Orlando, FL, booth 627 to see what we mean. Sono-Tek’s precision ultrasonic coating technology is being used by some of the largest Fuel Cell manufacturers in the world to spray uniform thin film coatings of carbon black inks, ceramic slurries, or other catalyst suspensions onto fuel cell membranes such as Nafion and solid oxide fuel cell rods.

Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems provide highly durable, pinhole free catalyst coatings, with homogenous dispersion of platinum particles, creating the most effective surface area for maximum transport of reactants. This in turn has a direct effect on cell efficiency. Electrochemically active Pt surface area using ultrasonic atomization has been recorded as high as 71% of the total Pt particle surface area.

Turnkey systems for R&D tabletop coating applications and standalone fully automated spraying systems are available from Sono-Tek. For more information, go to to see a video of Sono-Tek systems in action. Contact us by email at