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Reduce HAIs with Functional Antimicrobial Coatings

Recent trends in medical device coatings continue to point toward an increase in the need for coating implants and surgical devices to prevent biofilm formation and staph or other hospital-acquired infections. As this trend continues, it seems likely that future regulatory requirements will further the application of these types of coatings even more. That’s where Sono-Tek comes in.

From hip and knee replacement implants to sutures, bandages, and gloves Sono-Tek has experience applying uniform thin films of antimicrobial coatings that offer targeted coverage and excellent adherence properties. Recently we are also seeing a jump in medical device manufacturers looking to coat catheters and balloons of various types.

For over 2 decades, Sono-Tek has been at the forefront of implantable stent coating technology, with some of the most advanced coating systems on the market. Our expertise in spraying antimicrobials and drug eluting polymers enables us to extend our technology offerings into new markets such as balloon catheter coatings and orthopedic implant coatings.

A great article in the September issue of,, talks at length about these sterilization issues.

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