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Sono-Tek to Present at ISCST Symposium Sept. 11, 2012

Sono-Tek Corporation’s director of Technical Services, Robb Engle, will be presenting at the 16th Annual International Coating Science and Technology (ISCST) Symposium September 11, 2012 in Atlanta, GA. Robb’s presentation is entitled “Advantages of TCO via Ultrasonic Spray Under Atmospheric Conditions”. Co-authored with Morgan Dart, the presentation explains the science behind Sono-Tek’s new ultrasonic coating technology designed for spraying TCO acid solutions onto substrates for solar cell and touch screen manufacturing. The unique qualities of ultrasonic spray enable Sono-Tek to offer alternative solutions to costly vacuum deposition, providing a consistent, uniform thin film of conductive oxide solutions with ultrasonic spray, while addressing the difficult process needs of high temperatures and corrosive acids. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis has been performed with Sono-Tek ultrasonic technology for many years, in both R&D and production volume. For more information about Sono-Tek’s TCO coating equipment, go to or email For information regarding the ISCST Symposium, go to