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Sono-Tek Corporation Announces a New Dual Flux Option for the SonoFlux Servo Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing System

SonoFlux Servo Main Recipe Screen
Sono-Tek Corporation, Milton, NY, is pleased to introduce its new dual flux option for the SonoFlux Servo ultrasonic spray fluxing system. Designed for PCB manufacturers that require rapid process changeovers, especially contract manufacturers, the new dual flux option offers precision metered flow with automated dual flux capability, enhancing SonoFlux Servo’s versatility.

The full Windows®-based recipe-driven control of flux 1 and flux 2 process parameters and recipe storage enable quick process changes without the hassle of manually changing the flux delivery configuration. A high precision flux delivery pump and selective area fluxing capability as well as compatibility with all fluxes are trademarks of SonoFlux Servo’s versatile design. Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic spray fluxing systems are compatible with all flux types, and system components can be configured to handle aggressive water soluble fluxes.

Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray fluxing systems are easily integrated with all major wave solder machines and feature very low maintenance with non-clogging, highly repeatable spray performance that can result in as much as 80 percent reduction in flux consumption. Sono-Tek is the world leader in ultrasonic spray fluxing, with a full line of stationary and reciprocating systems to suit any PCB manufacturer’s needs. World-class support and service have always been standard with all Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray fluxing equipment.

SonoFlux Servo is proven to be a valuable tool in high-volume PCB manufacturing worldwide. This new dual flux option offers the ultimate flexibility in the wave solder fluxing process. For more information, contact sono-tek at or go to