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SemiCon Intersolar Starts July 12

Sono-Tek is preparing for SemiCon-Intersolar 2011, July 12-14 in San Francisco, CA. We will be exhibiting in booth 2631 (South Hall). We will be highlighting our ExactaCoat Tabletop Coating System along with working demonstrations of their patented precision ultrasonic spray nozzles.The ExactaCoat system is the perfect solution for R&D and small volume processes coating deep well topographies such as MEMs with photoresist, as well as thin film solar cell layer deposition of buffer layers onto CdS solar cells, and active layer coatings such as CIGS, CdTe, and CzTs-based solar cells. Homogenous, uniform thin film layers of nanosuspensions and solutions are easily applied using ultrasonic wet process, at a fraction of the cost of CVD and sputtering processes.

Visit for more information about the ExactaCoat ultrasonic coating system for solar cell manufacturing.