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News Shows Anticipated Growth in Medical Device Coatings Market

All signs point to an increase in implantable medical devices and medical device coatings in the next few years. Treatment of cardiovascular, orthopedic, and diabetic conditions are likely to require bioabsorbable and biocompatible functional coatings onto implants and diagnostic devices such as stents, catheters, balloons, pacemakers and orthopedic implants. Sono-Tek is ready for this increased demand, with over 30 years of expertise in coating medical devices such as these with antimicrobial solutions and polymers.

  • An article in MPMN’s Medtech Pulse, published on June 28, reports that the implant device market will exceed $50 billion by 2015.
  • Other reports anticipate that microelectronic medical implants will be worth $15.4 billion in 2010, with pacemakers being the most well known of these devices.
  • A  report by Global Industry Analytics indicates that the world medical device coatings market is projected to exceed $7.5 billion by the year 2015.

Some factors influencing this increase in medical coatings are an aging population, increases in hospital acquired infections (HAI), and worldwide medical advances. Antimicrobial coatings onto medical devices are common applications for Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems. Working closely with customers to develop turn key solutions or integrating with existing equipment, Sono-Tek is continually developing new coating systems. For more information, visit