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See us at TechConnect Conference & Expo

Sono-Tek is exhibiting at TechConnect World Innovation Conference & expo June 14-17 in Washington, DC, Booth 703. The Expo highlights many of the key applications which Sono-Tek has helped researchers develop from R&D to production, with many emerging technologies included. Visitors will get to see our patented ultrasonic spray nozzles in action and learn about the many spray applications in which we have expertise.

For those new to Sono-Tek, the Company provides ultrasonic coating systems for depositing nanosuspensions and solutions in ultra thin, uniform layers in the manufacture of MEMs, glass, semiconductors, textiles, flexible electronics, batteries, implantable medical devices, and many other applications. Systems feature uniform non-clogging thin films with 95%+ effective use of material, including conductive layers. The unique pressureless ultrasonic spray adheres readily to surfaces, is easily controlled to create different spray patterns, and can spray across any width using multiple nozzles.

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