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See Sono-Tek’s DCB Balloon Coating System at MD&M East

Balloon Coating SystemSono-Tek will be exhibiting at MD&M East May 22-24, in Philadelphia, PA, in booth 2239. Visitors can get a hands-on view of our new MediCoat DCB balloon coating system for drug coated balloon applications spraying Paclitaxel, Rapamycin, or other anti-restenosis drugs onto angioplasty or other in vivo balloon devices.

Well known for providing precision high quality uniform coatings of anti-restenosis drugs onto implantable stents, Sono-Tek has developed the MediCoat DCB system to provide customers with the same high quality coating solution for emerging drug coated balloon devices. Proven worldwide, Sono-Tek’s medical device coating equipment is used by some of the largest medical device manufacturers in R&D and production volume settings.

Ultrasonic nozzles create uniform micron size droplets that readily adhere to surfaces with very little overspray, creating highly repeatable coatings. Capable of spraying at very low flow rates, Sono-Tek coating systems maximize spray material while providing the best functional coatings for implantable medical devices available on the market.

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