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See Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Coating Technology at SID Display Week 2012

Sono-Tek will be exhibiting our ultrasonic spray coating equipment at SID (Society for Information Display) Display Week 2012, June 5-8, at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center in Booth 624. Visitors will be able to see hands-on demonstrations of our unique patented ultrasonic nozzle technology and learn about available spray systems for TCO coatings, OLED coatings, CNT/Graphene coatings and other functional coatings such as Anti-reflection, anti-scratch and photoresist onto glass for touch panels and other displays. All Sono-Tek coating systems incorporate our patented high frequency ultrasonic nozzle technology. This unique ultrasonic nozzle design produces atomized droplets that have a mathematically defined size, based on the nozzle’s frequency. This phenomenon, combined with low velocity, unrestricted spray results in repeatable spray performance with little variance in droplet size, producing highly uniform, homogenous coatings. Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles are well known for their non-clogging spray and self-cleaning characteristics due to the nozzle’s continuous ultrasonic vibration.

Ultrasonic spray systems feature 95%+ effective use of material, non-clogging low-velocity spray, very high uniformity with micron thick coatings across any width substrate. Sono-Tek has over a decade of expertise applying protective coatings onto float glass during continuous glass manufacturing, with a reputation for repeatable, drip-free coatings.

Systems are available for R&D, pilot line and high volume manufacturing, making scaling up from R&D to production volume a smooth transition, as the same technology is used in all levels of production.

When spraying nanosuspensions, Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles offer the added benefit of breaking up any agglomerations during the spray process, due to continuous ultrasonic vibrations of the nozzle. This results in the most homogenous coatings possible, with even distribution of precious metals, CNTs or other functional particles. The end result is better functional coatings for precision electronics applications. For more information about the SID show, go to For more information about Sono-tek ultrasonic coating systems, go to,, or email