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See Sono-Tek at Semicon Korea 2014

Sono-Tek will be exhibiting at Semicon Korea February 12-14, at COEX, in Seoul, Korea, with Useong Electrade in Booth #2253. Semicon Korea is the largest trade show dedicated to semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing in Korea. We are excited to showcase our ultrasonic spray technology for depositing photoresist onto MEMs in precision semiconductor manufacturing, as well as spraying nanomaterials such as transparent conductive oxides in the manufacture of touch panel displays. Ultrasonic spray technology offers a cest-effective alternative to vaccuum deposition processes, and boasts a 95%+ effective use of conductive materials in precision spray processes. The ultrasonic vibration of the nozzle distributes agglomerated particles in nanosuspensions for the most homogeneous coatings possible.

Especially in the application of photoresist spray, Sono-Tek offers advantages over traditional spin coating processes in depositing thin films of photoresist into deep trenches with aspect ratios. Visit us in booth 2253 to learn more.


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