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MD&M West Starts February 11

Sono-Tek will be exhibiting at MD&M West February 11-13, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, in booth 1440.

Visit us at MD&M to learn more about our new MediCoat DES3000. This new ultrasonic coating system for drug eluting stents incorporates sophisticated precision upgrades to our MediCoat DES1000, while still allowing manufacturers to upgrade to the new system without the need for requalification of their stent coating processes.

Visitors will also find information and samples of our new balloon catheter coating technology. The brand new MediCoat BCC system is a complete solution for coating balloon catheters with anti-proliferative drug solutions to prevent restinosis. This exciting emerging market enables drug therapy at the lesion site for up to several days without the use of a stent. Since only the coated strut surfaces of a stent are in contact with the vessel wall, they result in drug gradients, unlike a coated balloon which provides a homogeneous transfer of drugs such as Paclitaxel and Sirolimus to all parts of the vessel at the site. In addition, the anti-restinosis stent coating can prevent desirable endothelialization of the stent, and drug coated stents use polymers which can cause inflammation and hypersensitivity whereas balloons can be polymer free. As researchers continue to address the challenges of creating the optimal balance of hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties of anti-restinosis drug solutions + plasticizers for transport and release of balloon catheter coatings, Sono-Tek’s MediCoat BCC system will provide the necessary full process solution during the research phase and into production processes. Fore more information about SOno-Tek’s MediCoat BCC system, go to


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