Lens Coating Systems for Protective and Functional Coatings


No drip uniform thin film coatings onto lenses, glasses and goggles

Ultrasonic lens coating systems are ideal for applying functional and aesthetic lens coatings onto eyeglass or other lenses. Systems are designed for applying Anti-fingerprint, Hard Coat or Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC), Anti-glare, Anti-fog, Anti-smudge, UV Blocker, tint (electrochromic), and photoresist onto eyeglass (including bifocals) and sunglass lenses with highly accurate repeatability and uniformity. Ultrasonic coating systems are well known for their precise thin film coatings and minimal overspray of expensive solutions, replacing traditional coating techniques such as dipping and spin coating, to reduce waste and minimize overspray. Sono-Tek coating systems have proven expertise coating various types of lenses.

Examples of lenses coated:

  • Polycarbonate (lightweight durable plastic)
  • Plastic (affordable, good optical clarity)
  • Trivex (impact resistant, thin, lightweight, excellent optics)
  • Hi-Index Plastic (thinnest material available, lightweight)
  • Glass (excellent optics, the most scratch resistant lens)
  • Polarized

Additional products that benefit from Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic spray lens coating technology:

  • Contact lenses
  • Optic lenses
  • Microscope lenses
  • Telescope lenses
  • Binocular lenses
  • Camera lenses

Other types of lens coatings that benefit from Sono-Tek’s Ultrasonic Spray Technology:

  • Protective eyewear (safety goggles, lab glasses)
  • Sports equipment (motorcycle helmet face shields, ski goggles, swimming goggles)
  • Photoresist onto scope lenses
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