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Gearing Up for APEX 2015

Visit Sono-Tek next week, February 24-26, at IPC APEX Expo, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA, in booth 3521. We will be highlighting our newest improvement to the SonoFlux Servo and SonoFlux EZ ultrasonic spray fluxer designs, the QR Impact Jet. The Impact atomizing assembly is used in both the Sono-Flux Servo and Sono-Flux EZ system and incorporates an air deflector that drives the flux droplets to the PCB for maximum top side fill and unsurpassed through-hole penetration. The new QR Impact Jet further improves the Impact design with:

Details of the improved QR jet include:

  • Improved Lower Maintenance of QR Impact – QR Ryton construction material is non-stick to reduce flux residue buildup. Compared to the stainless steel/titanium Impact Jet, the QR Jet provides approximately double the time between maintenance on the Jet surface.
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance – The QR Impact Jet is made of Ryton, a material with improved chemical corrosion resistance in comparison to stainless steel or titanium, and is high temp heat resistant as well. Ryton will withstand corrosion from ALL wave solder fluxes.
  • Improved Easy Clean Quick Release – The QR design allows the Impact Jet to be easily removed for cleaning with a simple turn of the hand. The stainless steel Impact Jet, in comparison, requires unscrewing the jet, which is time consuming.
  • Improved Accuracy of Spray Pattern – Repeatability of the QR Jet spray pattern is +/-1 degree, compared to +/-8 degrees with the stainless steel/titanium Jet.
  • Improved Fixed Position of QR Impact – The QR design has a fixed, one position, turn-in location, ensuring the jet is always 90 degrees to the PCB. The stainless steel jet must be visually positioned at degrees to the PCB, making it more likely to misalign. The QR fixed position design also prevents overtightening of the jet.


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