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An article released online on February 9th by NETL – National Energy technology Laboratory, titled “BREAKING BOUNDARIES: ADVANCING ENERGY TECHNOLOGY THROUGH ADVANCED MANUFACTURING”, discusses SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) technology and the implications of advanced energy manufacturing research done in the laboratory. The article states,

    “When future fuel cell systems are integrated into the Nation’s power grid, they could enable greater use of renewable energy sources because these future SOFCs will be dynamically responsive; that is, they will respond to power fluctuations and balance intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar…
    Innovative approaches to how products are made helps position our manufacturing industry to create products with unimagined capabilities and functions.”

The development of new catalysts and improved manufacturing processes made in the laboratory will result in products that cost less, are more efficient, and more reliable. Here at Sono-Tek we agree wholeheartedly, and are pleased to enable this important research with our ultrasonic spray coating systems such as the ExactaCoat system pictured in this article. To read the full article, visit For more information about Sono-Tek’s fuel cell coating equipment, visit