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Sono-Tek to Unveil a New Photoresist Deposition System at Semicon West

Sono-Tek Corporation announces it will be unveiling a new photoresist ultrasonic coating system at Semicon West 2016. Sono-Tek will be exhibiting in booth 2146 July 12-14 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.
The new photoresist coating system, SPT200, is designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of coating high aspect ratios and deep well topographies such as MEMs wafers with photoresist. The SPT200 replaces traditional spin coating equipment, providing more uniform coverage of side walls in difficult to coat applications. Ultrasonic spray has been used for photoresist deposition for years, and is a well proven method for semiconductor lithography manufacturing.

SPT200 is typically configured with Vortex or AccuMist ultrasonic spray shaping nozzles, depending upon coating requirements. Sono-Tek’s team of application engineers ensures the correct configuration for each process. At the heart of the system is Sono-Tek’s patented ultrasonic nozzle technology. All ultrasonic nozzles feature up to 95% reduction in material consumption, non-clogging performance, and precise, targeted spray patterns at ultra-low flow rates.

SPT200 sm

Sono-Tek has extensive application expertise in depositing photoresist onto MEMs and other semiconductor wafer substrates.

See the new SPT200 machine in action at Semicon West, or visit photoresist-coating-system-for-semiconductor-lithography for more information.

Sono-Tek has supplied precision ultrasonic coating equipment to the semiconductor industry since the 1980s. Advances in MEMs wafer technology have caused challenges for the industry in coating deep well topographies using conventional spin coating methods. Ultrasonic spray offers an ideal solution, with the ability to coat all areas of high aspect ratio trenches uniformly. Sono-Tek has combined their patented ultrasonic nozzle technology with all the necessary ingredients to create the ultimate solution for spraying photoresist onto MEMs wafers. The SPT200 system has been carefully developed to be the perfect full coating solution for 200mm standard wafers with high aspect ratios. Go to to learn more or email us at