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Sono-Tek to Unveil New Coating System for Drug Coated Balloons at MD&M West 2012

MediCoat DCB Ultrasonic Spray System Applies Thin Film Durable Drug Coatings
Sono-Tek Corporation, Milton, NY USA plans to showcase a new drug eluting balloon coating system, the MEdiCoat DCB, at MD&M West, booth 1444 February 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

The latest in a full line of precision medical device coating systems, the MediCoat DCB Balloon Coating System is a fully enclosed, sealed glovebox unit designed to coat common sizes and types of Drug Coated Balloons (DCB) that can be mounted onto catheters for the purpose of drug delivery during in vivo procedures such as angioplasty.

The MediCoat Balloon Coating System is fitted with either our MicroMist or AccuMist ultrasonic atomizing nozzles. These nozzles are proven for atomizing drugs such as Paclitaxel (Taxol), Rapamycin or Heparin in drug only or drug+polymer combinations.

Most organic solvents such as THF, acetone, DMAC, toluene, chloroform and polymers including urethanes, polycarbonates, silicones and styrenes are also applied using the MediCoat system, as well as lubricious coatings. Sono-Tek has extensive expertise coating implantable stents and other precision medical devices with these solutions. The low velocity soft spray and uniform, micron sized droplets generated with Sono-Tek nozzle systems provide superior adherence to balloon surfaces without any overspray, cracking, or peeling of the coating.

Sono-Tek is world renowned for supplying precision coating technology to the medical industry in several applications – including cardiac and peripheral implantable stent coatings, blood collection tube coatings, antimicrobial coating of surgical gauze, bandages, and medical textiles, and catheter and guide wire coatings. They have been providing precision medical coating machines for over 2 decades and have helped dozens of medical device manufacturers improve their quality and throughput, including validation documentation support. For more information, go to or email