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Sono-Tek Expands Customer Service Globally

Sono-Tek Corporation, a worldwide precision ultrasonic coating equipment manufacturer located in Milton, NY, announces expansion of customer services with new laboratory facilities in China, Korea, Germany and Taiwan. These new testing facilities will enable customers to test small samples of their liquids in a controlled environment, simulating process conditions as much as possible, in order to prove concept and ensure compatibility of liquids. Emerging applications such as advanced energy coatings and specialty medical device coatings often find these services particularly valuable. Research and development professionals looking for a way to apply new coating formulations or improve functional coating characteristics are continually discovering Sono-Tek’s testing facilities to be an excellent means of finding just the right solution to their coating challenges. Sono-Tek has offered laboratory testing services at their corporate headquarters in Milton, NY for years, taking much of the guesswork out of ensuring a successful process at the beginning of each customer relationship. Available laboratory equipment includes fully enclosed 3 axis programmable coating systems with a multitude of fixturing, heating and vacuum options, with a variety of different nozzle configurations. Sono-Tek’s new labs in Asia and Europe will be staffed and managed by the local Sono-Tek distributors, with the added advantage of native language support and geographic proximity. The addition of these new laboratories extends Sono-Tek’s global reach and ability to provide superior customer service, while still offering a full range of testing services in their New York laboratory. The new labs will be up and running at all locations by mid 2011.