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Sono-Tek Corporation Celebrates 20+ Year Relationships with US and Canadian Representatives

Sono-Tek would like to say a special thanks to our “20 year club”, 20+ year manufacturing representatives serving as US and Canada distributors for Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic spray fluxing equipment.

Sono-Tek is one of the originators of spray fluxing, starting in 1989, providing ultrasonic spray nozzles to AT&T. 1991 marked the development of Sono-Tek’s first full standalone spray fluxing system, the SonoFlux 591. Today, we offer a full line of stationary and reciprocating spray fluxing systems to suit any manufacturer’s needs. All of our spray fluxers incorporate our patented ultrasonic spray nozzles. Key to the long term success that Sono-Tek has achieved in the PCB spray fluxing market is the high quality rep network we’ve established over the years.

Steve Harshbarger, Sono-Tek’s President, comments “We have been fortunate to have a very high quality rep network that works closely with our customers, and look forward to continuing those relationships for many years to come. Our SonoFlux spray fluxing product line is a mature, proven line of machines that we anticipate will serve the needs of manufacturers well into the future. Our sales and service team is world-class, and we are proud to be able to say that Sono-Tek is the world’s leader in ultrasonic spray fluxing.”

Out of the company’s US and Canadian representatives, the following have been with Sono-Tek for at least 20 years:
• David Gardner and his team at Gardner & Meredith, Inc – 22 years
• Jack Maccarone and Bob Slusarczyk of Argo Zeta – 21 years
• Mikhail Kudish of IMK Technical Services – 20 years

Sono-Tek thanks all of our reps for their long years of hard work and partnership! For more information, email or visit