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Sono-Tek Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary in 2015!

January brings a new year as well as an important milestone for Sono-Tek. We are pleased to announce the company’s 40-year anniversary in 2015. Sono-Tek has delivered more than 10,000 ultrasonic coating systems around the world during the company’s history. Sono-Tek Corporation was established in 1975 by Dr. Harvey Berger, inventor of the ultrasonic nozzle. Sono-Tek’s initial developments included fuel efficient nozzles for lower emission oil burners sponsored by the EPA, and blood collection tube coaters for a major pharmaceutical company. Sono-Tek next developed the SonoFlux line of ultrasonic spray fluxing equipment, now used by countless printed circuit board manufacturers around the world.

Dr.-Coccio“We began to diversify both by market segment and geography, as we realized the potential benefits of our ultrasonic spraying systems for other manufacturers requiring precision thin film coatings. An added benefit is very little waste and environmental loss of expensive materials compared to other coating methods. This has led to a quadrupling of our business in the past decade with an upside limited only by our imagination”, according to Christopher L Coccio, PhD, Chairman and CEO.

The Company has now provides float glass coating systems, implantable medical device coaters, robotic fuel cell and solar cell coating systems, and most recently antimicrobial coating equipment for packaged meat producers.

Additionally, the Company expanded operations from a primarily North American base to Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa and Latin America, bringing the same array of market specific products to our distributors and customers in these areas. Sono-Tek presently has six worldwide testing labs located in Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China and the US, at its corporate headquarters in Milton, NY.

We welcome the New Year and look forward to continued success and growth in our 40th year in business!