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Sono-Tek Announces Patent Granted to Partner Company Sames Kremlin (Parent Company Exel Industries) for Ultrastatic Enhanced Spray Coating (ESC) Technology. 

A patent in the US has been granted to Exel Industries, parent company of Sames Kremlin, who partnered with Sono-Tek to develop the Ultrastatic Enhanced Spray Coating Technology. Other patents are still pending in China, Korea, Japan and the EU. As part of the agreement between Sames Kremlin and Sono-Tek, Sono-Tek has an exclusive license agreement for the patented technology. Ultrastatic ESC brings together Sono-Tek knowledge of ultrasonic atomization in combination with Sames Kremlin knowledge of electrostatic spraying.  The joining of these two long-established coating techniques has shown interesting results, and is primarily being offered as a research and development tool for laboratories and universities, as a first phase introduction.  Co-inventor on the patent is Sono-Tek Vice President of Engineering, Robb Engle.