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Sono-Tek Announces New Web Site

The new web site is designed for easy navigation, allowing customers to find products or applications of interest within 1-2 clicks from the home page. In addition, many new web pages have been added to the Sono-Tek site. These recently created web pages are primarily focusing on new industries of growth into which Sono-Tek is expanding. You now find web pages that talk about Sono-Tek’s equipment for fuel cell coating, solar cell coating, food / food packaging coating, production volume stent coating machines and SonoDry Ultrasonic spray dryers.

CEO of Sono-Tek Corporation, Dr. Christopher L. Coccio stated, “This new web site does an excellent job showing the success Sono-Tek has had expanding into new industries with our ultrasonic spray technology. Our prior web page was more focused on ultrasonic technology with less application specific information. Over the past 2 years we have developed many application specific products and our web site now reflects our expertise in these areas. The new web site will provide our customers a better understanding of how our products bring benefit to their specific requirements.”

Sono-Tek is also planning to introduce a new video section of the web site in April 08.

For more information on Sono-Tek products email or call 845-795-2020.