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Sono-Tek Announces New Stent Coating System

MediCoat-DES3000Sono-Tek Corporation, Milton, NY, a world leader in precision implantable stent coating systems, announces the availability of the MediCoat DES3000, a next generation tabletop stent coating system that uses Sono-Tek’s precision 180kHz ultrasonic nozzle to spray anti-restentosis drug/polymer solutions onto arterial implantable stents.

Steve Harshbarger, Sono-Tek’s President, comments, “This new system was a natural progression from our MediCoat DES1000. Over the past 2 years Sono-Tek has made major technical advances in our equipment used for stent coating. These advancements incorporate seamlessly into the MediCoat DES3000 platform, allowing manufacturers to be able to take full advantage of all of these new features in a single machine. Keeping in mind our MediCoat systems are already used by the vast majority of stent research and manufacturing organizations worldwide, Sono-Tek designed the system to enable manufacturers using the MediCoat DES1000 to move to the DES3000 model with minimal, and in many cases no need for time consuming regulatory requalification.”

Among the new features of the MediCoat DES3000 are:

  • Sono-Tek’s patented 180kHZ ultrasonic nozzle, with a 9-10 micron median drop size (with Acetone)
  • User friendly software programming with data logging and live monitoring of all system functions
  • High resolution, high magnification camera for real time video monitoring of active process
  • Enhanced nozzle position and high precision alignment fixture ensures the highest repeatability from stent to stent and machine to machine
  • New ECHO ultrasonic generator with expanded atomization functions and greater power resolution
  • Quick release mandrel design for fast and easy loading/unloading of stents

For companies that are not familiar with Sono-Tek’s MediCoat line of ultrasonic spray systems, Sono-Tek provides full coating solutions for R&D and small to high volume stent coating processes. High frequency ultrasonic spray provides the most uniform, thin films onto complex stent geometries, with no webbing of the polymer, and no cracking or peeling, providing a flexible yet strong polymer bond. To find out more, go to or email