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Sono-Tek Announces New E&AE Division Director

B. Bruntil
Bennett Bruntil, Regional Sales Manager and Marketing Brand Manager for Sono-Tek since 2007, was promoted to the new position in March 2016. Bennett will be overseeing the sales, marketing and new product development efforts worldwide in applications for the E&AE strategic business unit. The E&AE division services customers with ultrasonic coating equipment used in the manufacturing of semiconductors (photolithography), printed circuit boards, fuel cells, solar cell, advanced batteries, and nanotechnology applications involving electrically conductive layers. As strategic business unit director, Bennett will be managing the Spray fluxing product line, including a recently introduced fluxing system used in the solder brazing industry, SonoBraze; as well as directing future product developments for coating systems used in the electronics industry.

“Bennett was an obvious choice for the position of E&AE director. He has a strong technical background in ultrasonic coating equipment with a proven track record to expand sales through aggressive marketing, strategic relationship building, and expansion of distribution channels. He will take a leading role in our planned new product introductions in 2016 and 2017,” said Steve Harshbarger, Sono-Tek’s president. Please visit the Company’s website at for more information.