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See Sono-Tek at LSA2014

Sono-Tek will be exhibiting at Life Science Alley’s LSA2014 Conference in Minneapolis, MN on November 19, in booth 2013. The LSA2014 conference will highlight the organization’s 30th anniversary since it was founded as The Medical Alley Association in 1984.

Sono-Tek will be showcasing our MediCoat line of ultrasonic spray systems for coating implantable stents and balloon catheters with anti-restenosis drugs. Our MediCoat systems have set the industry standard for ultrasonic coating of stents, providing ultra thin uniform coatings onto complex geometries, with complete coverage of delicate strut surfaces without webbing. The MediCoat DES3000, released in early 2014, offers a number of upgraded features and new technologies from our MediCoat DES1000 system, and allows our customers to upgrade their systems without lengthy regulatory requalification. For coating processes that don’t require an exhausted glovebox, an alternate enclosure system, MediCoat DES4000, is also available.

Sono-Tek's MediCoat DES4000
Sono-Tek’s MediCoat DES4000
The new MediCoat BCC balloon catheter coating system enables breakthrough research into anti-restenosis coatings onto balloon catheters for angioplasty and other applications. The MediCoat BCC will be an important tool as this emerging coating application is adopted worldwide. The MediCoat BCC is a full coating solution for R&D and production volume coatings of balloon catheters.

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