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Rise in Medical Diagnostic Device Coatings

Sono-Tek has seen an increase in coatings onto increasingly small and precise medical diagnostic equipment recently. Biosensors, microarray lab-on-chip devices, point-of-care diagnostic testing kits, blood glucose monitors, and molecular/protein diagnostic kits are some of the applications we see expanding recently. Coatings applied may be active layer conducting materials, or hydrophilic and hydrophobic biopolymers, and may require coatings as thin as small as 2 mm wide. These new and improved diagnostic devices stand to benefit physicians and patients alike with faster diagnosis and faster, more effective treatment, increasing the efficiency of critical medical care. It looks to be an exciting time in the development of treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes, and Sono-Tek is proud to play a part in the development of these needed next generation medical technologies. Our ultrasonic atomization systems allow manufacturers flexibility and precision to develop the most effective coating process with the smallest amount of overspray.

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