Industrial WideTrack Impact

A high volume production coating system for wide area coatings such as glass and textiles manufacturing. Up to 28 Impact air shaping systems are mounted on a single bridge assembly, with the ability to customize widths. The system features: uniform, repeatable thin film coatings across wide widths, customized widths available and proven performance for 24/7 high volume production operations.

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Basic Specifications

Spray Width: custom widths up to 3.3m (130”) configuration up to 28 impact spray assemblies
Control: Windows-based industrial embedded controller (modern PLC) with 19” touch screen HMI, NEMA 12 cabinet cooled by integrated AC
Power Requirements: 220 VAC, 25-50A (depending on configuration) L,L, N, G 50/60 Hz (base model)
Air: 621-1034 kPa (90-150 PSI) @ 3000LPM (110 CFM) max, 500LPM (~20CFM) typical. Clean, dry and oil-free
Certification: CE
Ultrasonic Nozzle Designs: Impact

System Options

: Up to 28 spray assemblies, insulated liquid lines to maintain liquid temperatures when required
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