A full solution for coating semiconductor wafers with uniform thin films of photoresist in applications where traditional high speed spin coating cannot provide uniform coverage of deep well topographies or high aspect ratios such as MEMS. Designed for 100, 150, 200, and 300mm (option) semiconductor wafer processing.

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Glass & Industrial

Basic Specifications

Dimensions: 1066mm W x 1765 mm H x 1095 mm D (42” W x 70” H x 43” D)
Work Area: 465 mm x 465 mm x 100 mm (19.7” x 19.7” x 3.9”)
Control: Windows-based (pc included 19-inch touch screen interface)
Power Requirements: 208-240VACc, 16A max, 50/60 Hz 1 phase (L,N,G) or (L1, L2, G)
Air: 551.6 kPa (80PSI) 1 compressed air, 1 nitrogen
Motors: Brushless DC Servo
Certification: CE
Ultrasonic Nozzle Designs: Vortex, AccuMist, Impact

System Options

Heat and/or Vacuum Plate: Standard Option
Head configuration: Up to two heads
Liquid Delivery:

Common Liquid Delivery: Syringe pump (standard, Sonic or stirring), MicroFlow, SonoFlow Fusion

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