A fully automated, programmable six-axis robotic coating solution for applying atmospheric coatings of very uniform thin films onto 3D surfaces, large areas, and complex coating applications.

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Basic Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Enclosure size is application dependent
DISPLAY INTERFACE: Windows®-based touch screen
INPUT POWER: 240 or 380 VAC
OPERATING TEMP: 5 - 45° C (0 - 104° F)
AIR/GAS CONSUMPTION: 2-170 lpm, application dependent

System Options

ROBOT UPGRADE: IP67, Cleanroom, food grade options (not available with all configurations)
HEAD CONFIGURATION: Multi heads available (Ultrasonic or Vector)
LIQUID DELIVERY: Common Liquid Delivery - Syringe pump (standard, Sonic or stirring), MicroFlow, SonoFlow Fusion, HyperFlow, DuraFlow
OTHER: Additional custom options available depending upon application requirements
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