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New Volume-Based Additive Manufacturing Machine

Sono-Tek is excited to announce the addition of a new Stratysys 3-D printer with production volume capability. This new tool will enable further expansion of additive manufacturing capabilities to Sono-Tek’s engineering and production processes.

For companies such as Sono-Tek, whose equipment is often very custom due to the unique needs of the customers and industries we serve, the flexibility to manufacture and test prototypes and parts on site saves time and resources which benefit the end customer with the best design and most efficient solution for their needs. Robb Engle, Sono-Tek’s Vice President of Engineering, said of the new acquisition, “This machine enables instant gratification to our design engineers when it comes to the ability to test new theories and ideas. It is an engineer’s dream.”


The system is already in use and promises to be an important resource in continuing Sono-Tek’s legacy of innovation in ultrasonic spray technology.