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MedTec Europe 2011 Indicates Medical Industry Gaining Strength

Sono-Tek attended MedTec Europe 2011 on March 22-24 . Judging from strong attendance and 13,500 registered visitors, it looks like the European medical business is back on track Рa welcome sight fro us at Sono-Tek. The medical device industry has been sluggish for the past year, with minimal investment seen in medical device coating equipment. Over 1000 exhibitors from 32 countries in Europe, America and Asia displayed at Medtec this year. Sono-Tek personnel were busy showing off our MediCoat II batch stent coating system and look forward to continued success with this unique ultrasonic coating system designed for applying anti-restinosis polymers onto implantable stents in moderate volume production, with unparalleled precision and repeatability.