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Sono-Tek VP Robb Engle to Present at ISCST Symposium

Robb Engle, Sono-Tek’s VP of Engineering, will be presenting a paper at the 17th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium on Wednesday, September 10th at 10Am, at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort, in San Diego, CA. The title of Mr. Engle’s presentation is Photoresist with Ultrasonic Atomization Allows for High-Aspect-Ratio Photolithography under Atmospheric Conditions. The paper discusses the advantages that ultrasonic spray offers in the expanding market of photoresist coatings onto MEMs with deep well topographies. These coatings pose significant challenges to traditional coating methods such as spin coating, where it is difficult to apply uniform thin films in deep well topographies. As the scale of advanced electronics continues to shrink and the market for smart sensors explodes in everyday products such as cell phones, automobiles, and even implantable medical diagnostic devices, the need to produce complex MEMs efficiently will become more prevalent in precision electronics manufacturing.


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