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Metal stamping lubrication coatings in automotive manufacturing

Ultrasonic coating systems offer significant benefits in spray lubrication processes for stamping aluminum-alloy parts for the automotive market. Atomized spray of lubricants protects parts from scoring and cracking, and protects expensive tooling with light, highly uniform coatings to reduce friction. When replacing aging spray systems for coating blanks and coils, ultrasonic spray lubrication systems offer improved performance over pressure spray systems and roller coaters for metal forming:

  • Easy adjustment of flow rate
  • Precision spray control, including complex patterns onto blanks
  • Drip-free atomized spray with little to no overspray
  • Non-clogging, long lasting ultrasonic nozzle technology
  • Nozzles have no moving parts to wear out
  • Very low maintenance
  • Significant savings in spray material of up to 80%
  • Perfect for applying a consistent, light coating in roll forming
  • Precise, repeatable lubricant application
  • Improved system performance and part quality

Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems are well known for being green technology coating systems in high volume manufacturing, with significant savings and environmental benefits with seamless integration onto production lines. Visit to learn more about the unique aspects of ultrasonic spray nozzle systems.

In addition to lubrication coating systems, Sono-Tek provides mold release agent coating systems for reduced defects in the manufacture of molded parts. See for details.

Protective hard coatings and functional coatings in automotive manufacturing

Common automotive industry components manufactured using ultrasonic spray technology include:

  • Windshield glass
  • Console panels, dashboard components
  • Lenses, headlights
  • Fabrics
  • Touch Screens
  • Head-Up displays (HUDs)
  • Mirror assemblies

Specific automotive industry coating applications using ultrasonic spray technology include:

  • Hard coatings such as MomentiveTM
  • SilFORT UVHC5000 onto internal console plastic molded parts and lenses
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings onto interior display glass
  • Water repellent and flame retardant coatings onto fabrics, textiles
  • Weather proofing coatings for exterior parts
  • Teflon and Silicon onto rubber gaskets or other parts
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