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Ultrasonic spray systems for high performance textiles coatings

Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems are used to apply advanced high-performance textile coatings during manufacturing. Large area textile coatings applied include: water and oil repellent coatings, antimicrobial, and anti-stain finishes. Uniform thin films of nanosuspensions or solutions are sprayed onto wide webs of fabric for medical textiles, flooring, carpeting, automotive or other industrial textile manufacturing applications. WideTrack textile finishing systems feature dramatic reduction in water, chemical and energy usage. Ultrasonic spray replaces inefficient dip or padding methods with uniform thin film ultrasonic textile coatings. WideTrack systems are designed to fully integrate with existing manufacturing lines.

Ultrasonic Textile Coating System Benefits:

  • Retrofits into existing manufacturing lines.
  • Precise, repeatable, controlled deposition coatings.
  • Very small, atomized droplets with uniform particle sizes create uniform nanolayer films.
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzles reduce downtime for maintenance.
  • Dramatic savings in spray material, water and energy usage (up to 80% reduction).
  • Soft atomized spray with very little bounceback provides a very efficient coating process, unlike pressure spray or dipping methods.
  • Environmental benefits from reduced release of material into the atmosphere, reduced overspray and reduced or eliminated wastewater treatment.

Low Wet Pick-Up Spray Finishing:

  • 50-60% reduction in water.
  • Substantial chemical reduction.
  • Reduction in energy for drying and curing.
  • Selective finishing of face/back of fabric.
  • No dilution of solution with wet-on-wet finishing.
  • Possibility of wet on wet finishing with two sequential sprays, while in dipping the fabric must be dried first.
  • Possibility of applying two different finishes to each side (e.g. water absorption on one side, and repellency on the other).

Systems for high-performance textile coatings are configured with either WideTrack or Impact Impact spray heads, depending upon the application requirements. Multiple nozzles are used to spray virtually any width with consistent uniformity across the entire substrate.

Our ultrasonic spray nozzle systems have replaced pressure nozzles in a wide range of industrial and R&D applications. Companies striving to achieve sustainable, environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and limit unacceptable quantities of waste have adopted ultrasonic spraying as a technology that is more precise, more controllable, and more environmentally friendly than other application methods.

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