Hydrogen Electrolyzers

Hydrogen Electrolyzers

High Volume Electrolyzer Coatings

Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems are used in a number of electrolysis coating applications. The high uniformity of catalyst layers and even dispersion of suspended particles results in very high efficiency electrolyzer coatings, either single or double sided.

In green hydrogen production, hydrogen is created by splitting water using electrolysis, producing only hydrogen and oxygen. Sono-Tek equipment applies coatings onto electrolyzers in this truly green energy production process.

In hydrogen fuel cell production, PEM electrolyzer coating systems are ideal for spraying carbon-based catalyst inks onto electrolyte membranes. These systems are fully automated, capable of dual side coating, and enable different catalyst formulations to be applied to each side of the membrane. Durability and repeatability of the coating are proven superior to other coating methods, often providing higher efficiencies with extended lifetimes of the coated PEM.

In carbon capture electrolysis applications, Sono-Tek coating equipment applies catalysts to membranes used to separate and capture CO2 prior to entering the atmosphere. The CO2 is separated from other gases in exhaust streams produced in industrial processes, such as those at coal and natural-gas-fired power generation plants or steel and cement factories; with the aim to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to address global warming. Often the captured C02 can then be processed into a carbon base byproduct with value, such as plastics, rubber, or fuels.

Sono-Tek has extensive expertise coating fuel cell proton exchange membranes such as Nafion with excellent control of coating attributes, creating the most uniform, effective coatings possible. These electrolysis coating applications require the same coating attributes and have the same high performance benefits when using ultrasonic spray technology. Read this technicle paper to learn more about catalyst coatings using ultrasonic spray: https://www.sono-tek.com/Ultrasonic-Spray-of-Catalyst.pdf. Learn more about how ultrasonic spray technology works here: https://www.sono-tek.com/ultrasonic-coating/how-ultrasonic-nozzles-work/

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