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Article for Drug Coated Balloons Using Ultrasonic Coating Technique

Sono-Tek’s Chemical Applications Engineer for the Medical Coatings Division, Brandon Gerhardt, has published an editorial article in Medical Design Briefs regarding the advantages of ultrasonic coating technology for manufacturing drug coated balloons. The February issue of Medical Design Briefs contains the article. Here is an excerpt:

“DCBs are still an evolving technology. The concept of delivering a spike of antiproliferative drugs to vascular tissue as a safe method of treating restenosis and artery disease has had significant preliminary success. The coatings that are applied and the methods behind application still require more development and results of current trials will need to help clarify some of the mixed messages that have been seen early on in this process.

Ultrasonic Atomization Technology is a precise spray technique that is inherently able to adapt to this specific application. Allowing almost complete separation of independent variables makes this an ideal technology for manufacturing needs from process development to mass production. Ultrasonic atomization technology has been used for DES development and production for many years and shows indications of being highly successful in this new area of medical treatment.”

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