Ultrasonic Nozzle Invention

A Better Way to Spray

Sono-Tek’s founder, Dr. Harvey Berger, is the inventor of ultrasonic spray technology, commercializing his patented invention in the late 1970s. Today, there are hundreds of unique applications and industries utilizing Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating technology worldwide. Sono-Tek has developed over 2,500 proven nozzle configurations in our 40+ year history.

We continue to innovate and develop new nozzle designs for next gen coating challenges, including proprietary materials of construction for added chemical resistance. Through extensive application expertise, we have streamlined and focused our nozzle product line to include those best suited to the markets we serve.

Sono-Tek’s expertise in ultrasonic atomization processes is unparalleled around the globe. We are the originators of this unique patented technology, and continually innovate new equipment and perfect processes for research institutions and companies worldwide. Visit how-ultrasonic-nozzles-work to learn more about our unique technology.